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My Best Year yet with my plumeria
Thank you Just Plumerias
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Plumerias Aplenty

The brightly colored and fragrant flowers can grow anywhere in the world.
By Tom Maccubbin, Special to the Sentinel

Treat yourself to a bit of the tropics by adding exotic plumerias to the home landscape. Mild winters in recent years have allowed the burly shrub-to-tree-size plants to flourish and open their brightly colored clusters of fragrant blossoms during the warmer months. Perhaps one of your first encounters with plumeria flowers was during a trip to Hawaii when you were greeted with a colorful bloom-filled lei. If you were a typical tourist, you probably brought home one of the plump greenish sticklike cuttings to root in a pot of soil or in the ground.

"I'm amazed it ever grew," After sprouting green leaves, the cutting eventually grew into a 14-foot container specimen of the yellow-flowered Celadine variety, a popular selection sporting a strong, citruslike fragrance. This one plant was also the beginning of their Just Plumerias nursery, which sells plants to gardeners through the Internet atJust Plumeria plus at theme parks, all the Florida Plant shows and the Winter Park Farmer's Market for the last 10 years.

"All are so unique, and there are so many different fragrances." She notes their popularity also might be because of the long flowering period April through November; plus, they are extremely drought tolerant.

Plumeria in bloom Maryland

Growing plumeria in Maryland !!! Loving these little guys I was soooo happy when the first one bloomed I sent pics to all the naysayers who said you can try but they won’t grow well in MD. 
They look great in Maryland.
Susan Reed You are my inspiration!
Richard Lewis
Richard Lewis I’m also a Maryland resident as well. I’m growing mine from seeds. I started them 2 months ago and they are coming along.
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Received these plumeria a few weeks ago. they are coming along nicely . Can’t wait to see what colors these babies are eventually. Thanks Just Plumerias for delivering these!
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