3 Hawaiian Plumeria Cuttings for $35

3 Hawaiian Plumeria Cuttings for $35.00

  • Our plumeria cuttings are from Hawaii.
  • Drought Tolerant and grows anywheree in theworld.
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Hawaiian Plumeria Varieties                                                                                                                                              Just Plumerias select plumeria varieites are grown and cultivated in Hawaii. Hawaii cuttings are known for being prolific bloomers and the end result is a nice branching, canopy look. Some plumeria varieties do not bloom alot and they get tall and lanky. Just Plumerias' varieites will stay concise, branchy and produce full prolific blooms. Each plumeria we carry has a nice unique fragrance.

~ Drought Tolerant
~ Every Plumeria Variety has its own Unique Fragrance
~ Heavy Branching after Blooming
~ Grows to the height determined by the size of the pot
~ Makes a Great Patio plant by the lanai, deck or pool
~ Anywhere in the World.


How did plumeria get its name? 

It was named for the 17th century French botanist Charles Plumier who documented numerous plants in the Americas.

When was plumeria introduced to Hawaii?

The first plumeria was introduced into Hawaii in 1860. It was a yellow brought in by Wilhelm Hillebrand, a German physician and botanist who lived in Hawaii from 1851 to 1871.

Plumeria is the most common flower that you'll find in Hawaii since it is used in most leis that are given to visitors

What are some different names for the plumeria?

Names of plumerias range from Paucipa in Puerto Rico, Flor de Mayo in Mexico, Flor de Cruz in Guatemala, Amapola in Venezuela, Tipanier in Tahiti, Pumeli in Hawaii, Frangipani in Australia, Jepun in Bali, Indonesia, Dok jumpa in Laos, Phool in India, Pomelia in Italy, Pagodenbaum in Germany, Flor de Cebo on the Canary Islands to Plumies in the United States.

Where can the plumeria be grown?

The Plumeria can be grown anywhere in the world since it can either be a 20 foot tree if you live in the warmer climates, or it makes a fantastic potted plant for your patio deck, screen pool, balcony or driveway. The Plumeria only grows to the size of the pot. In climates where it freezes, you can either bring the plumeria inside to keep it growing in the winter, or you can put it in the closet or basement and it will go into a dormant state. Bring the Plumeria out when it warms up next spring, and it blooms bigger than the year before.

Plumerias are unique plants in a way that they can be lifted from the ground or pot and stored overwinter in a heated basement or garage. They go completely dormant during the colder months of the year needing no watering or fertilizing.

The plumeria can also be grown successfully indoors all year long with the use plant lights which create the tropical sunlight that they enjoy in their natural habitat.

How tall does the plumeria get?

The plumeria, with its very thin root system, and it will only grow to the size of the pot. Up north, people will put their plumeria in 5 to 10 gallon and end up with an awesome deck plant. Down south, the plumeria can be kept in a pot around the pool or lani, or in the yard where it will get over 25 tall in south Florida.

How high mainentance is the plumeria?

The Plumeria is one of the most no maintenance plants in the world. It is drought tolerant and can be grown in full sun or partial sun.

What does the plumeria smell like?

The Plumeria smells like no other plant in the world and each color has its own unique fragrance. Some plumerias smell sweet, while another color can smell like jasmine, peaches or citrusy. Their intoxicating and unforgettable fragrances include also gardenia, grapes, honeysuckle, roses, ginger, coconut and many more.

How long does the plumeria bloom?

The Plumeria looks fantastic, and it blooms from April through November. The flower does not last that long, but the bloom pod continuously keeps blooming for most of the year.

What color are the plumeria flowers? 

Plumeria flowers’ colors include white, yellow, orange, salmon, pink, red, rainbows, and some hybrids even show some purple.

What are the plant leaves like?

Plumeria plant leaves which range from light to dark green in color are a beautiful background for these colorful, fragrant flowers. Leaves also provide natural protection from high winds.

How do you grow plumerias?

Plumerias can be started from seeds or unrooted cuttings.

Do not water the cutting to start off. Give the cutting light and heat. After 3 weeks, give the cutting a 1/2 a cup of water. Water with a 1/2 cup of water about every week. In about 1 to 2 months, you will see leaves start to sprout. When you see leaves, it is now time to water. Once you have 5 inch leaves, the cutting has now rooted and is ready to be watered thoroughly every week. Light and heat makes the cutting root, not water.

We provide great rooting instructions with each of our orders.

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Grow Your Own Hawaiian Lei Flower Plumeria that will only grow to the size of the pot you want for a great Patio, Lanai, Balcony, Deck, or Pool look.
Drought Tolerant and each variety having its own unique fragrance. 

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