All of our plumeria cuttings are easy to root.
A little light and heat is all that is needed to get the plumeria too root.


Start with a small 6 inch plastic pot with good drainage holes. Use a mix that is light and fluffy and drains very well. Sand and Cactus mix works great to root your plumeria. A little gravel at the bottom is best. Plant each cutting separately and plant the cuttings 3 inches deep in the cactus mix. Plant the flat dry end down.

(1) Put the pot inside if the temperature is below 60 degrees outside. It needs a hot warm window sill for sun exposure or 8 to 10 inches underneath a 60 to 75 watt plant grow light  for light and heat. The more light and heat, the faster the cutting will root. A patio deck, concrete area works great when it is hot. For extremely hot months, plant 1/2 sun and 1/2 shade for 2 weeks and then move to full sun.

(2) Do not water the cutting to start off. Give the cutting light and heat. After 3 weeks, give the cutting a 1/2 a cup of water. Water with a 1/2 cup of water about every week. In about 1 to 2 months, you will see leaves start to sprout. When you see leaves, it is now time to water. Once you have 5 inch leaves, the cutting has now rooted and is ready to be watered thoroughly every week. Light and heat makes the cutting root, not water. Once you have leaves, the plant can now regulate itself and can be rained on. Only during the rooting stage must you be careful no to over water. Succulents live off the liquid inside their stock until they make roots. The roots then can drink the water and re-hydrate the plant. This quality makes them very drought tolerant. (1 to 4 months to root as some Plumeria Varieties root faster than others)

(3) Start to fertilize after 8 months. Fertilize with blooming osmocote. Osmocote is a time release fertilizer which last 6 months.

(4) Sit back and watch your plumeria from grow and root into a beautiful blooming pumeria !