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4 Hawaiian plumerias for $35.00. Become a Facebook member and receive a free Hawaiian Plumeria when you order a 3 pack. Make sure you become a Facebook member for our Facebook Special.

Just Plumerias has been showing the plumeria at Epcot for the last 21 years and, we ship all over the world. Just Plumerias' cuttings are Hawaiian grown. The hybrids we carry are very exotic and easy to root.
Make sure you become a Facebook member for our Facebook Special.
Just Plumeria over 13,000 members and growing.

We just showed at Epcot for our 21st year in a row and we are on the bridge in front of Legoland at Disney Springs.

See Just Plumerias at the Winter Park Farmers market where have been showing every Saturday for 22 years.


Celadine plumeria


Celadine is the #1 cultivated plumeria. Fragrance is orange blossom citrus, with very thick petals. Very heavy brancher.

Beautiful Lani Beauty plumeria hybrid

Lani's Beauty

Lani's Beauty produces a magnificent, multi-colored, 3 to 4 inch, heavy textured petal and smells like roses with a hint of plumeria. It is a prolific bloomer and has an outstanding keeping quality. Very heavy brancher.



Wailea A Striking Bloom! Orange petal with a golden yellow throat. The overlapping petals have a curl on the edge. The fragrance is mild sweet.


• You can also email us at aloha@justplumerias.com to place your order.

Ordering  and Shipping Information

The online ordering accepts all major credit cards.

We ship by priority mail anywhere in the United States . Each order comes with rooting and fertilizing instructions so you will have a nice rooted plumeria that will grow and bloom in a short time. Please include $8.50 for priority shipping for up to 4 cuttings with some ( 1 or 2 ) being multi tipped.

If you would like more information, please feel free to email us at:

Disney Springs Cart set up

Our plumeria location at www.DisneySprings.com 


The plumeria bought at our location at Disney, and the Lani is in full bloom. Part of the 4 pack plumeria special.
Lani plumeria purchased at Epcot
plumeria wailea
Wailea in bloom within 2 months. Wailea is part of the 4 pack special. www.JustPlumerias.com
We ship our plumeria cuttings by priority mail with tracking.  We ship the day after you order so you will receive your order in a very short time..
plumeria cuttings shipped by priority mail
plumeria celadine
The Celadine Plumeria Yellow looks great Cindy. Thanks for the order.  www.JustPlumerias.com
Our Backyard Blooms of the Wailea Plumeria.. Part of the 3 pack package. Our facebook page - now over 16,000 members and growing..
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Plumeria Bloom

Lani's beauty bought about 6 years ago at EPCOT. I live in West Central Florida so she got moved to the backyard this year. She obviously loves the backyard. Thank you Just Plumerias.

wailea just plumerias
Mac Zarra to Just Plumerias
Update on my Plumeria
My "Wailea"!
I'm thrilled with the color and fragrance. Woweeee!
Blooming Wailea Customer from our Facebook page
Plumeria hybrid
Grow Your Own Plumeria Anywhere in the World.
            4 plumeria for the price of 3
pink plumeria epcot
"My Beautiful plumeria flowers. Purchased at the Epcot Flower and Garden show."
Lisa, Your plumeria picture looks great.  Thanks for the business.
plumeria cuttings for sale Just Plumeria
Fresh Hawaiian Hybrid Plumeria cuttings ready to ship ! Facebook special  -Become a member on our FB page and get 4 hybrid cuttings for the price of 3. Order the 3 pack of plumeria and receive 4 Hawaiian Hybrid plumeria varieties. One or 2 of the cuttings will be multi tipped.
Plumeria blooms
Beautiful!! I bought 3 plumeria on a whim then went back for more plumerias!! They are SUPER easy to take care of and bloom so beautifully!! I absolutely love coming here!
Yelp Review on Purchase from Just Plumerias at Disney Springs
Plumeria Bloom Just Plumrias
One of our Beautiful Plumeria hybrids one of our customers acquired from us.  Shared on our Facebook page.
Epcot Just Plumeria
"Imagine how much cooler I'll be... in Spring!" ⛄☀ My plumeria are starting to bud again. I recommend visiting the Just Plumerias booth, if you'd like to bring home a small piece of Disney Springs !
Chelle - Thanks for the business




Epcot purchase from Just Plumerias
My Epcot purchase from Just Plumeria  finally bloomed what a nice surprise and smell good!!
#justplumerias   #disneyspringsorlando 
Plumeria from Just Plumerias at Epcot
Plumeria bought from us at Epcot and blooming in a very short time.  The Celadine Plumeria Yellow smells like orange blossom citrus.
Just Plumerias - Cuttings
Our Hawaii Plumeria Cuttings are the best quality at the best prices.
Our plumeria cuttings are multi-tipped, easy too root, great color and fragrance and require no maintenance
Just Plumeria Bloom Long Island
the plumeria growing as a potted plant in Long Island NY
Thanks for the business Barth, the plumeria you bought from us looks great as a potted plant on Long Island, NY !!!
Plumeria Hybrid - Lanis Beauty
1 lani beauty.............
I purchased 3 plumeria cuttings last fall from Just Plumeria, and have had wonderful luck with them. I am purchasing another promotion of cuttings and can't wait to get them started as well. This is a great source for these beautiful flowering plants. Thanks Just Plumeria for being a great source!
Kathy - Idaho
plumeria mildred facebook
Mildred C - Bought my plumeria cutting in Epcot at the Flower and Garden Festival in April 2017 and after lots of love and nurture got my first bloom this past week! Thank you Justplumerias.com !!! In love with our plumerias!!! 💕
Thanks for the business Mildred - great looking blooms.
Plumeria Rooting indoors
Just Plumerias rooting Bangladesh
‎Sarker Kabir Ahamed‎ to Just Plumerias
Growing the plumerias I bought from you at Disney all the way in Bangladesh
Sarker - ALL 9 look great 
thanks for the business.
june pic 13
Plumeria Cutting I purchased at Epcot and smells like Suntan Lotion !
Each plumeria hybrid has its own unique fragrance
4 cart 3
Short and sweet.... Just Plumerias delivered exactly what they said they would. The cuttings were well wrapped and packaged.It's just past 4 weeks now and the cuttings are doing really well. I followed their instructions to a T and I have beautiful plants starting! Thanks Just Plumerias, for the beautiful cuttings!
Lee C.
facebook cuttings
“I just want to say this, not enough people post when its to say something good, ,,,im sooo happy with my plumeria cuttings i just received from you , they are so nice and wrapped so good, I am just tickled to pieces, i for sure , am very pleased. Thanks so much. The free was awesome too .” 
Ruby D.
june pic 18
I bought these plumeria cuttings at your location at  Disney Springs. I planted it in sand like you instructed,  and I got plumeria blooms in 6 months !!  I did not do anything but neglected it !! I love the color of the plumeria blooms you carry.
I will be buying more - thank you.  Sandra  
june pic 2
We sell the plumeria all over the world and not only does the plumeria grow up North, the plumeria blooms up North.
Blooming in Buffalo..
Germant plant of love
My first Plumeria 😍 the plant of Love💖 so proud about the result🤓!!!
 — Hilmer T. in Cologne, Germany 
Plumeria Nebels - Fragrance Sweet.
I purchased 3 plumeria cuttings last fall from Just Plumeria, and have had wonderful luck with them. I am purchasing another promotion of cuttings and can't wait to get them started as well. This is a great source for these beautiful flowering plants. Thanks Just Plumeria for being a great source!
Kathy - Idaho
I have ordered from this Just Plumerias 3 times. I keep ordering plumerias  from them because the cuttings are great and the price cannot be beat.
The last order I received was 2 double tips and 2 triple tips. 
Plantknutt - Florida
Just Plumerias - flowering in Maryland
Plumeria bought from us and is blooming in Maryland.
Join the most active plumeria facebook page. 
JustPlumerias Facebook over 13,000 memmbers.
Just Plumerias - Wailea Plumeria purchased at Epcot in full bloom
The Wailea Plumeria purchased at Epcot in full bloom