Plumeria Cuttings:

Lani's Beauty

Lani's Beauty produces a magnificent, multi-colored, 3 to 4 inch, heavy textured petal and smells like roses with a hint of plumeria. It is a prolific bloomer and has an outstanding keeping quality. Very heavy brancher - Double and Triple tip cuttings.


Celadine is the #1 cultivated plumeria. Fragrance is orange blossom citrus, with very thick petals. Very heavy brancher - Double and Triple tip cuttings.

Nebels Rainbow

Wailea A Striking Bloom! Orange petal with a golden yellow throat. The overlapping petals have a curl on the edge. The fragrance is mild sweet.

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(3 three packs) 9 Hybrids $90.00

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you will have a nice rooted plumeria that will grow and bloom in a short time.
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