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Just planted my plumeria cutting from WG spring fling. I had a plumeria that was amazing. Even shared broken off parts in pots with friends. Started to get big because it was planted in the ground. Then we had one of those rare florida hard freezes. Sad loss. One of its "offspring" still lives on that wasn't frozen. Looking forward to starting again but this time keeping it in a container. I got the candy stripe hybrid. Can't wait for the flowers!

Just Plumerias Thank you - email us with any questions

Hi - I bought a couple cuttings from you at EPCOT last Wednesday. I'm crossing my figers and hoping to have good luck with them. I visited your webpage and also saw some of the tiles like you had on display at EPCOT. Can you order those from your webpage also?
Just Plumerias Yes - the tile page will be up in about a month

We picked up some cuttings from you @ animal kingdom and live in wi. want to get ours potted. info. i have found says to use cactus mix to plant. does that apply for our region as well? really want to get these going, just want to do it right. they will be symbolic of our honeymoon.
Just Plumerias - Cactus mix works great. Well drain soil is ideal. Give good light and heat, and keep dry to start out.

Thank you.It looks like a grow light may be the best way from your photos. It's still pretty dark and cold here.
Just Plumerias - Grow light until spring breaks will work just fine.

Just got home to Delaware from the EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival. Can't wait to plant my plumerias. Looking forward to sharing their progress (and my questions) with you.
Just Plumerias - Looking forward to your progress, questions and pictures.

quick question. my cuttings are planted in pots with cactus soil. I've been putting them out to warm during the day and bringing them back in during the night (Delaware is still dipping down to the upper 40s at night).
Just Plumerias - Hitting at 50 at night, you are the point to just leave them outside. I suggest no more moving. Leave in full sun and let nature take its course.

Oh... Should I move them in if it rains?
Just Plumerias - Keep outside and let nature take its course. It is ok to get rained on. Just keep in a sunny location and in a well drained soil.
Thanks again.

Just bought 3 plumeria cuttings at Epcot on Tuesday, got cactus soil as recommended and planted 3 inches deep in the soil with rocks at the bottom of 6" pot, they are not wanting to stand up straight in the loose soil, I put a couple of 2-3" rocks on the top of each to "prop" them up. Should I put in a little water so I can firm the soil around them, or do you think the rocks will be enough?
Just Plumerias - a little water will not hurt

Bought Lani's Beauty plumeria and Candy Stripe plumeria at Kanapaha in Gainesville from you on Saturday and just commented on my wall with a link to your website. Hope it brings you many new customers. Can't wait till they leaf out and bloom. Thanks for all the info.

Just Plumerias - thanks. We had a great show at Kanapaha. Email us with any questions on your Lani and Candy

I have sixteen plumeria cuttings from Just Plumerias. I have had them since April and all the plumeria cuttings are doing fantastic. Seven of plumeria cuttings have bloom spikes on them. Three of my 4 Lani's have bloom spikes and One Nebel Rainbow has a plumeria bloom spike too.

Can the little part that broke off still be grown ? How long will that part thrive? Thank you! I am so excited about the Mother's Day plumeria present I was given from Disney Epcot!
Thank you from PA!!!

Just Plumerias – Yes you can take the broken part and plant it. Let it dry for a couple of weeks before you plant it. Thank you and email us with any questions.

What were the varieties of the 4 plumeria hybrids you sold at the Disney Epcot Flower and Garden Festival? Please help. Thank you!!!

Just Plumerias – they were the Lanis Beauty plumeria, Celadine plumeria , Wailea and Samoan Fluff plumeria.

What do you put on the bottom of your cuttings? I notice a white powder on the cutting. By the way, I purchased 2 plumeria cuttings from you 4 years ago and had to cut them back this past March because they were each about Six feet tall I'm in Jax, FL. I now have 14 plumeria from your starts and they all are doing very well. I had a plumeria seed pod come on this past year. I just got 2 more plumeria varieties from you at the festival in Apopka . I love these plants and they have turned into my little personal passioin!.

Just Plumeria -The powder we put on the plumeria cuttins is root tone - it seals the cutting and makes dry out faster The root tonet protects the plumeria cutting as it has a fungicide .. That is great news on the plants from 4 years ago..

I have sixteen plumeria cuttings from Just Plumerias. I have had them since April and all the plumeria cuttings are doing fantastic. Seven of plumeria cuttings have bloom spikes on them. Three of my 4 Lani's have bloom spikes and One Nebel Rainbow has a plumeria bloom spike too.

Lou – “This is a lani’s that i got bought a year ago from you”
Just Plumerias – “Lou - Great - They really like it up in NJ.. The plumeria look great!!”
Lou – “yes i have about fifteen plumeria cuttings that I bought from you.”

Kevin – “I just left Winter Park Farmers Market and I purchased 3 plumeria...One plumeria was 3 headed and one was a 4 headed Plumeria cutting. If you can, stop by,, all the plumeria cuttings look fantastic.”
Just Plumerias – “Kevin. Thanks - If you want too, post pictures when you see growth. Thanks again. “

Bought at EPCOT center on the 8th of April and planted in Fortaleza / Brazil on April 13. First flower on May 21. Thank you Just Plumerias. Very happy !!!

"Love it. Here is a picture of one of the 3 cuttings I bought from you 3 months ago. I followed your directions on the print out you gave me and they came right up. Thanks, Tom "

I bought m plumeria at Epcot, I was SO thrilled! I lived in Hawaii while my father was stationed over there - 1979-81 (Hickem AFB) and I remember stringing leis in my backyard! If I am chosen, I will send one to my sister, brother and parents.. it's like a little piece of childhood

Enjoying my plumeria view coffee and the morning view from our yard. Tim

“What an awesome view!! I bet it smells wonderful”

Leeandra I am so excited! We were at WDW for my sons Make-A-Wish trip and we purchased a root cutting from you. This will be an awesome way for us to never forget our trip. Cant wait for our beautiful blooms.

I live in Philadelphia area and bought two of my three plumerias from Just Plumerias . They were all starting to put out leaves and since the weather has been so nice I put them out in the garden as I have done for several years. When I came home from work tonight I found my newest plant , bought at the Epcot flower show in March gone from the pot. My oldest plant (around 6 years old) has all the tips chewed off . The middle plant bought around 3 years ago in Epcot was ravaged . The tips chewed down and the bark is all chewed off the length (2 feet) off one of two the branches I live very close to the city , but a neighbor believes it was deer. No other emerging spring/summer plants in my yard or neighbors yard were touched. Does anyone know if deer really eat Plumeria? I have to place on order to replace the stolen plant but can the two surviving plants come back with emerging leaves gone and the tips all nibbled down ? Sarah

We purchased our plumeria plant from you at the FLOWER AND GARDEN FESTIVAL and we have our first flower today! Wanted to celebrate and share with you!! Noel

Awesome!! The plumeria Looks very healthy. Nice multi tipped plumeria. Just Plumerias

My plumeria is blooming! The fragrance is so nice. Reminds me of my Hawaiian vacation.

Finally got some plumeria buds growing in Connecticut

We have plumeria! My husban Rich has been working hard growing plumeria from cuttings we got from you this year at Epcot's Flower and Garden Show. They are doing really well - and we have flowers! Doing the happy dance in Palm Bay, FL.

Great to hear on your plumeria success.. Just Plumerias

My plumerias finally bloomed! Thanks! Thanks Hannal

I bought 2 plumeria cuttings in DISNEY EPCOT in April. I planted them about 4 weeks ago and they already have nice, healthy shoots on them! We just recently got back from Hawaii and these beautiful plumeria plants remind me of that trip! I hope to be posting bloom pics soon! Thank you..

My Lani’s Beauty Plumeria finally bloomed. Yeah!!

Hi, I just want to let you know that I ordered the Three pack plumeria special and am a Facebook member who would like to take advantage of the Four pack plumeria special! Thanks! Can't wait for the plumeria cuttings to arrive!

John - Where is the Plumeria care part of your plumeria website? Just Plumerias - Check under plumeria rooting instructions. Thanks Bobbi, I am thrilled!!, my plumeria flowers are now happily growing! I am seeing plumeria sprouts coming off of both tips and I am using Miracle grow every 2 weeks. They are awesome!!! Thank you!

Just Plumerias is ecstatic to be invited the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival. Just Plumerias will be displaying all their plumeria hybrids from March 5th till May 8th. This is Just Plumerias 17th year displaying at the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival. Please stop by and see all our beautiful plumerias. The plumeria will grow anywhere in the world. Keep it in a pot up North and store and protect during the Winter. In the South, the plumeria can grow to 30 foot trees. Each plumeria color has its own unique fragrance. Make sure you stop by and see Just Plumeria at the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival.

Now that our plumeria cuttings have are growing, we would like to move the plumeria to a bigger pot. would you recommend 3 plants to a 25 inch pot? When is the best time to transplant the plumeria plants?

Just Plumerias – Do not transplant in the middle of the summer. The beginning of Spring is the best time to transplant. Not like other plants, you want to purposely root bound them, being root bound encourages the blooming of the plumeria. So it is fine to put all 3 in a pot.

Is the correct time to transplant my plumeria plants.

They plumeria cuttings we bought from you are so healthy!!

Thank you so much!!


Grow your own Plumeria Hawaiian Lei Flower Plant anywhere in the World.

Drought Tolerant and low maintenance. Size of pot = Size of plant

Just Plumerias News

Just Plumerias in the News - Orlando Sentinel

Plumerias Aplenty

The brightly colored and fragrant flowers can grow anywhere in the world.
By Tom Maccubbin, Special to the Sentinel

Treat yourself to a bit of the tropics by adding exotic plumerias to the home landscape. Mild winters in recent years have allowed the burly shrub-to-tree-size plants to flourish and open their brightly colored clusters of fragrant blossoms during the warmer months. Perhaps one of your first encounters with plumeria flowers was during a trip to Hawaii when you were greeted with a colorful bloom-filled lei. If you were a typical tourist, you probably brought home one of the plump greenish sticklike cuttings to root in a pot of soil or in the ground.

"I'm amazed it ever grew," After sprouting green leaves, the cutting eventually grew into a 14-foot container specimen of the yellow-flowered Celadine variety, a popular selection sporting a strong, citruslike fragrance. This one plant was also the beginning of their Just Plumerias nursery, which sells plants to gardeners through the Internet atJust Plumeria plus at theme parks, all the Florida Plant shows and the Winter Park Farmer's Market for the last 10 years.

"All are so unique, and there are so many different fragrances." She notes their popularity also might be because of the long flowering period April through November; plus, they are extremely drought tolerant.

Most landscapes should have room for one or more plumeria plantings available in an assortment of sizes, ranging from dwarfs less than 6 feet tall to treelike forms reaching 30 feet. Most grow to their full potential when planted in the ground, but remain smaller when raised in containers.

An addiction will grow.

Gardeners are sure to appreciate all the plumeria blooms with scents that can include gardenia, coconut and cinnamon fragrances. You probably also have to admit the plants are unusual too. "The bold greenish-gray trunks add an architectural feature to the landscape," say Eric Patz of Orlando, an Orange County master gardener who remembers plants growing around the family home for about 18 years. "I like their form when they lose their leaves; they become monsterlike plants."

The craze is growing, too

Most commonly grown plumerias have large leaves growing to 2 feet long and 6 inches wide. The veins are pronounced, and the leaves have a medium- to deep-green color. Locally, all plants drop their leaves and go through a period of dormancy during the fall or early winter months when temperatures drop to around 50 degrees. Patz says when they are planted near a patio, many grow tall enough to give shade during the summer months and allow the warming sun through for winter.

the warm winters persist, the interest in plumerias is expected to continue. Many gardeners are adding plants as a backdrop for perennial gardens, installing them along walkways and using them as accents near patios. They are also being grown in containers for deck and balcony displays. "We have been going through a plumeria craze the last few years," Most likely, it's because gardeners did not know they are so easy to grow."

Port St. Lucie Plant Show

PORT ST. LUCIE - Just Plumerias talks to a crowd about the ease of planting and growing plumerias on Saturday morning during the Bamboo and More Plant Sale at the Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens.

Plumeria (common name Frangipani) contains 7-8 species of mainly deciduous shrubs and small trees. They are native to Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and South America as far south as Brazil but have been spread throughout the world's tropics and have become the Hawaiian Lei Flower Plant. Plumeria flowers are most fragrant at night. Plumeria species may be easily propagated from cuttings of leafless stem tips . Cuttings are allowed to dry at the base before planting in well-drained soil. Pruning is best accomplished in the winter for deciduous varieties, or when cuttings are desired. There are more than 300 named varieties of Plumeria.

Just Plumerias carries some of the most sought after hybrids.

The genus, originally spelled Plumiera, is named in honor of the seventeenth-century French botanist Charles Plumier, who traveled to the New World documenting many plant and animal species. The common name "Frangipani" comes from an Italian noble family, a sixteenth-century marquess who invented a plumeria-scented perfume. Many English speakers also simply use the generic name "plumeria". In Hawaii, the name is "melia". In Sri Lanka, it is referred to as araliya and (in English) as the Temple Tree. In Cantonese it is known as, 'gaai daan fa' or the 'egg yolk flower' tree.

We have many plumeeria cuttings that we have been propogating for about a year and one of the plumeria is in bloom!! It is beautiful and the flowers are very fragrant. This is Very exciting! Thanks Just Plumerias!!!

The very first plumeria we got has bloomed!!!

I was wondering when the plumeria bloom pod is finished flowering for the year, should I cut the bloom pod off?

The bloom pod will naturally fall off and it will branch double or triple tips next year where the bloom pod fell off. You will then have more tips for more bloom pods..

My plumeria little baby is blooming at my workplace!It is so beaautiful!! I work at a Tanning Salon so the plumeria get's the UV lighting and I water it from the plumeria from bottom so it can get moist . It has all the heat and has bloomed very beautiful plumeria flowers that smell up the place Ahhh Plumeria Heaven in my work place

My plumera plants that I bought from you at Disney are doing great! WE are so excited to see that we have blooms! Thank you so much for the plumerias ! I am so addicted to these plumeria plants!!!

WE bought two plumeria cuttings in Disney EPCOT from you back in April. I planted both of them about 30 days ago and they already have nice, healthy leaves coming out! We just got back from a trip in Hawaii and we cant wait to have these beautiful plumeria plants remind us of our Hawaii trip! I will be posting my blooming pics very soon!

I am very excited to to receive my second set of plumeria cuttings. The plumerias just arrived thanks..

"Hi Just Plumeria! I received my package of plumeria cuttings . Thank you . When they arrived they were all in great condition. They are the thickest, strongest cuttings I have seen... Thanks you so much for the package of plumeria cuttings." cristi m

People should know that these plumeria are very EASY to grow and take care of! We are up North and we take ours out of the ground each winter and store them dry root – no water needed in the winter when it is in storage. At the break of very spring we replant them again outdoors! These plants are absolutely magnificent! Most of ours now are anywhere between 4 and 6 feet tall now and are indestructible! This is a Incredible plant for beginners and almost foolproof! I HIGHLY recommend the plumeria to anyone anywhere! Harvey G.

Loreno - Wow!! Great picture of the plumeria flower It has nice thick petals... JustPlumerias

I got my Plumerias cuttings from Just Plumeria! One plumeria is blooming now! They smell SOOOO fantastic. You can grow them up north in pots because the plumeria only get as big as the pot. Linda L. Linda - you are correct - since they they grow to the size of pot the plumeria makes an awesome potted plant anyhwere in the world. Thanks

A few years ago a friend of ours had a plumeria and we were admiring his plumeria. Our friend explained how the plumeria are so easily started by a cutting. My husband also learned that they are used for making hawaiian leis in Hawaii. So, we took a plumeria cutting from our friend...and we have been hooked ever since! We have given plumeria cuttings to other friends and they all enjoy them as much as we do. We've also gotten other clippings of different colors whenever we see them anywhere. Plus.....who doesn't like a flower that smells like jasmine?! Katy

We first saw plumeria this past Spring when we went to Hawaii and we fell in love with the plumeria! I kicked myself for not bringing one home to plant back home, but my sister saw them at Disney a fee weeks ago where you were selling them and bought a plumeria cutting. It grew so easy!!! Jennifer

Marilyn, I bought my plumeria at Disney, I was SO happy! I lived in Hawaii while my dad was stationed in the military. I always remember stringing plumeria leis in the backyard!

From new Blooming plumeria flowers to the old Blooming plumeria flowers. This is great to be able watch the plumeria flowers every week day.

I bought my wife a plumeria cutting and a few months later it bloomed. As soon as I smelled the flowers i was addicted to them. I now have bought eighteen different kinds of plumeria. This is the only flower plant I will have now…

I just had another plumeria tree bloom. Two plumeria trees now have plumeria seed pods. My last plumeria seed pod gave me seventy two seedlings.

My sibling got me hooked on the incredible plumeria. The plumeria is such an unusual plant. It has an exquisite fragrant.

This is 2nd year for my plumeria plants. The weather in New Jersey hasn't been great.

T. Snook,
I came across the plumeria at a local winter park farmer's market where you show them. I bought two entire set of 3 packs! I am overly excited to place the plumeria with my other plants on my deck. I steadily watch them grow. I love to spend time with the plumeria and the fragrant of the plumeria flowers is intoxicating

Do you know the name of this plumeria

Laura, I first fell in love with Plumeria when we traveled out to Hawaii.. My youngest daughter and I took classes on how to make plumeria leis. While we were in Disney in Orlando il, I bought 3 plumeria cuttings from and I just cannot wait for them to grow. The plumeria fragrance on my back patio is going to be incredible. !

My plumeria is still putting out plumeria blooms into September. Thanks

This is the 1st year that I will need to bring my Plumerias in because of the winter. Being it’s the 1st year shoul I bring them in a protected environent or leave on a window sill in the kitchen? Just Plumerias – Leave on the window sill the first year to continue to get good light and heat.

My plumerias got here a month ago and they are already sprouting great leaves! I have watered them a half cup of H20 for 2 weeks now!!!

I am excited to see these great looking plumeria blooms,. Here is the first blooms from a Lani's Beauty.

One of my favorites plants – The Plumeria .. Thanks..

I cannot wait to see this plumeria bloom pod open and show all of its plumeria flowers.

My plumeria bloomed for 1st time this year. It is next to my windo so I can't smell the wonderful plumeria fragrance. I live in Missouri, I wish we had a little longer outside time, but it just gets too cold outside here. Being a potted plant – I can just move to protect. Thanks

My Jeannie Morange plumeria .. This is a beautiful plumeria.

A Late Plumeria Bloom. What a great way to finish the year than with the fragrance of a plumeria.

Hello. We purchased 2 plumeria cuttings at Disney Epcot during the Epcot Flower Festival in April. The plumeria plants grew just as you said they would. One with the flower shoot did bloom. We are back at our Winter home now in the Chicago suburbs and I brought the plants home and all the leaves fell off. Just Plumerias – No worries as the plumeria is just going dormant for the winter.

I just found your plumeria website I didn't know it needed sunshine so I have it growing off the porch, in mostly shade, so it is growing low trying to get sun and the plumeria blooms lot at the top! I cannot wait to order more of these plumeria cuttings . Is it a good time to order now. I live in Florida . Thank you.

Yes now is a good time to order so you can get ready for Spring. We will have fresh plumeria cuttings in 2 weeks.

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