Just Plumeria cuttings are Hawaiian grown, top quality cuttings that give you that low branching plumeria that everyone desires. The plumeria hybrids that we carry are very exotic and very easy to root. In fact, there is no water required for the 1st 30 days. Make sure you become a Just Plumeria Facebook member for our Plumeria Facebook Special.
Over 4,000 members and growing.

Just Plumerias Testimonials

They look great! Lani and nebels is for me and the wailea and celadine is for a co worker so we are very excited on getting them! Thank you!
Patty - California

I just got back from Orlando today and bought my Plumerias from the Epcot Garden Show. Cant wait to plant them in a pot and see what happens! So excited as this is something to look forward and help us get through the cold, snowy, Michigan spring.
Shannon - Michigan

I ordered my Plumeria cuttings from Just Plumerias and received them promptly in great condition. My order came with detailed, clear instructions on how to plant the cuttings, watering them, and basic care from planting to the blooming stage. Anytime I had a further, more detailed question I was always able to reach someone on the phone.Thank you "Just Plumerias" for such great service and help in growing my Plumeria trees!
Michael - Colorado

Just got my 4 cuttings!
Pouvong - Alabama

It relieved my anxiety to know I was backed up by the company. I recommend them highly.
Daphine - Florida

I purchased 3 plumeria cuttings last fall from Just Plumeria, and have had wonderful luck with them. I am purchasing another promotion of cuttings and can't wait to get them started as well. This is a great source for these beautiful flowering plants. Thanks Just Plumeria for being a great source!
Kathy - Idaho

I have ordered from this company 3 times. I keep ordering from them because the cuttings are great. The last order I received was 2 double tips and 2 triple tips.
Plantknutt - Florida

I ordered 3 cuttings from them and received 4 because of some FB special they have. All arrived in good condition and rooted nicely. When I called to order, the lady answered all the questions I had about rooting since I had never done it before. She was very helpful.
GatorGrowl - Florida

Short and sweet.... Just Plumerias delivered exactly what they said they would. The cuttings were well wrapped and packaged.It's just past 4 weeks now and the cuttings are doing really well. I followed their instructions to a T and I have beautiful plants starting! Thanks Just Plumerias, for the beautiful cuttings!
Lee C.

Oh thanks, but already in the pots for one week now. Beginnings of leaves begining to show at tips!!! Wow, and such healthy, strong, fat cuttings. These will be fabulous plants.
Mac Z.

Thanks Just Plumerias! for the beautiful cuttings! They are very healthy!

“I just want to say this, not enough people post when its to say something good, ,,,im sooo happy with my cuttings i just recieved from you , they are so nice and wrapped so good, im just tickled to peices, i for sure , am very pleased. Thanks so much. The free was awesome too .”
Ruby D.

I'm so glad I ordered my Plumerias from you last December. They're growing, blooming and giving me great joy to watch them get bigger, even here in Colorado at 6300' elevation!

Planted my cutting on April 27th. Just started watering and got leaves growing the same day! Hoping for big leaves and flowers within the next year! Beautiful! Since mine was a gift I have no idea what color the blooms will be!

Just Plumerias has been showing the plumeria at Epcot for the last 16 years and, we ship all over the world. Just Plumerias' cuttings are Hawaiian grown. The hybrids we carry are very exotic and easy to root.
Make sure you become a Facebook member for our Facebook Special.
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over 7,000 members and growing.

We are now showing at Epcot for our 18th year in a row and we are showing at Animal Kingdom for Earth Day.

Disney Showcasing Just Plumerias @ Epcot and Animal Kingdom

plumeria celedine
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#1 Cultivated plumeria. Fragrance is orange blossom citrus, with very thick petals. Very heavy brancher - Double and Triple tip cuttings.

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plumeria lanis beauty
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Lani's Beauty

plumeria lanis beauty

Lani's Beauty produces a magnificent, multi-colored, 3 to 4 inch, heavy textured petal and smells like roses with a hint of plumeria. It is a prolific bloomer and has an outstanding keeping quality. Very heavy brancher - Double and Triple tip cuttings.

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A Striking Bloom! Orange petal with a golden yellow throat. The overlapping petals have a curl on the edge. The fragrance is mild sweet.

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Current Specials!

1 Hybrid $15.00
(1 three pack) 3 Hybrids $35.00
(2 three packs) 6 Hybrids $65.00
(3 three packs) 9 Hybrids $90.00

Hybrid Packages

Ordering Information

Payment Options

    • You can email us at aloha@justplumerias.com to place your order.

Shipping Information
We ship by priority mail anywhere in the world. Each order comes with rooting and fertilizing instructions so you will have a nice rooted plumeria that will grow and bloom in a short time. Please include $8.50 for priority shipping for up to 3 cuttings.

If you would like more information, please feel free to email us at:

"This Lanis Beauty plumeria hybrid is growing nicely from the plumeria cuttings you sent to me in March."

Just Plumeria - "Kathy - It is May(2 months of growing your plumeria) and that is a Very Healthy plumeria bloom pod!! You have many plumeria flowers are coming your way.. Congrats!!"

My first plumeria bloom. It is so exciting!!

Our Current Plumeria Trees. Thanks!!!

I purchased two plumeria cuttings at the Novemberfest 2014.I cannot wait to see the results and plumeria blooms...I hope to see you again next year! Pamela

My plumeria I got from you is still blooming and there more on the way.. Christina

‎Brittany B‎ to Just Plumerias
I Just got this plumeria to bloom to today in Aberdeen, MD. I purchased it in late March at Epcot. Excited

Lani's beauty! Just Plumerias is where it came from as a stick 3 years ago. Smells wonderful.‎

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